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Mathematical Physics

Mathematical Physics Research Area

Scientific Sectors

  • ERC: PE1_12 Mathematical physics, PE2_1 Fundamental interactions and fields, PE1_10 ODE and dynamical systems, PE1_20 Application of mathematics in sciences

Research Topics

  • Symmetries and separation of variables for equations of mathematical physics..

  • Relativistic theories. Conservation laws and entropy of singular solutions. Applications to extended theories of gravitation and cosmology.
  • Geometric methods in quantum gravity.
  • Variational sequences, cohomology and inverse problems in the calculus of variations. 
  • Contact structures, Cartan connections, integrability and applications in the geometric theory of perception.

  • Mathematical methods for the non perturbative study of supersymmetric field theories.
  • Geometric structures on Riemannian or pseudo-Riemannian manifolds arising from string theory and the (AdS/CFT) holographic correspondence.
  • Exact results in AdS/CFT correspondence.

  • Conformation changes and stability in complex biological structures.

Research Group

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