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Algebra and geometry  Research Area

Scientific Sectors

  • SSD: Mat/02, Mat/03
  • ERC: PE1_2 Algebra, PE1_3 Number theory, PE1_4 Algebraic and complex geometry, PE1_5 Geometry

Research Topics

  • Computational methods for commutative algebra, with interactions with combinatorics and algebraic geometry.
  • Categorical algebra, cohomology of non-abelian structures.
  • Monoidal categories, monads, (semi)separable functors.
  • Hopf algebras and their generalizations.
  • Algebraic groups and representations.

  • Arithmetic properties of automorphic forms.

  • Higher dimensional complex projective varieties.
  • Fano varieties, Mori theory, birational geometry & MMP, rational curves.
  • Toric varieties and Mori dream spaces.
  • Mirror symmetry and toric geometry.
  • Deformation theory and moduli spaces.
  • K3 surfaces, derived categories, Fourier-Mukai functors.
  • Brauer groups and Picard stacks.
  • Hurwitz spaces and monodromy of projective curves.
  • Hilbert schemes and computational aspects.

  • Complex and symplectic geometry.
  • G-structures and special holonomy.
  • Calibrated geometry.
  • Geometric flows: Ricci flow, mean curvature flow, etc.
  • Minimal surfaces.
  • Conformal geometry.
  • Submanifolds with prescribed (Riemannian/Lorentzian) mean curvature.
  • Function theory on Riemannian manifolds.
  • Lorentzian manifolds and mass related problems.


Research Groups

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