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Didactics and history of mathematics

Didactics of Mathematics  Research Area

Scientific Sectors

  • SSD: Mat/04
  • ERC: SH4_12 - Education: systems and institutions, teaching and learning; PE1_1 - Logic and foundations; SH6_9 - History of ideas, intellectual history, history of sciences and techniques

Research Topics

Research in mathematics education aims at improving mathematics teaching and learning at all levels. In particular, it studies:

  • Processes and products of mathematics teaching and learning, from kindergarten to university
  • The teaching and learning of arithmetic, algebra, calculus, geometry, probability and statistics, and logics
  • Interdisciplinarity of mathematics, especially in relation to the growth of STEAM disciplines
  • Theoretical frameworks to observe and interpret mathematical activities within the classroom: particularly, semiotics, embodiment and multimodality
  • Theoretical frameworks to observe and interpret teacher professional development activities and teacher-researcher interactions in institutional contexts
  • Mathematical meanings in institutional and social contexts
  • The role of technologies in mathematics teaching and learning
  • The role of material activity and imagination in mathematics
  • Summative and formative assessment in mathematics learning

  • Italian mathematical Schools in modern and contemporary times (17th-20th centuries): the international circulation and recognition of their research work and its diffusion in various fields of knowledge.
  • Critical editions of letters, manuscripts and archival sources for historical studies.
  • Study of mathematical heritages
  • History of mathematics teaching in Italy (17th-20th centuries) in an international perspective
  • History of mathematics for mathematics education at all school levels


Research Groups

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