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Numerical Analysis Research Area


  • SSD: Mat/08
  • ERC: PE1_10 - ODE and dynamical systems, PE1_17 - Numerical analysis, PE1_18 - Scientific computing and data processing, PE1_20 - Application of mathematics in sciences, PE6_11 - Machine learning, statistical data processing and applications using signal processing

Research Topics

  • Numerical methods for conservation and balance laws.
  • Mathematical modelling of problems in biomedicine, socio-economics and technology.
  • Models for interacting populations, possibly with age structure.
  • Mathematical epidemiology models.
  • Eco-epidemiology models (spread of epidemics among interacting populations).
  • Meta-ecoepidemic models.
  • Models for biological control in agriculture.

  • Univariate and multivariate spline approximation.
  • Numerical methods for CAGD (Computer Aided Geometric Design).
  • Spline numerical integration.
  • Numerical methods for the solution of differential and integral problems based on spline approximation.

  • New function spaces and weighted polynomial approximation for functions having singularities.
  • Nonclassical orthogonal polynomials and their application to approximation of functions and integrals.
  • Numerical methods for Fredholm, Volterra and singular integral equations.

  • Kernel-based interpolation and classification.
  • Partition of unity approximation methods and algorithms.
  • Adaptive collocation methods for PDEs.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.
  • Traffic models for sustainable mobility.
  • Development of software in Matlab/Python.
  • Image reconstruction and applications.

Research Group

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