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Semplice, M , Coco, A , Russo, G (2015)
Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Hyperbolic Systems based on Third-Order Compact WENO Reconstruction.

Puppo, G, Semplice, M (2015)
Well-Balanced High Order 1D Schemes on Non-uniform Grids and Entropy Residuals.

Cravero, I , Semplice, M (2015)
On the accuracy of WENO and CWENO reconstructions of Third Order on NonUniform Meshes.

Puppo G, Semplice M (2012)
Adaptive grids and the entropy error indicator.

M Donatelli, M Semplice, S Serra-Capizzano (2013)
AMG preconditioning for nonlinear degenerate parabolic equations on nonuniform grids with application to monument degradation.

Naldi G , Semplice M , Veglio A , Serini G , Gamba A (2012)
A bistable model of cell polarity.


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Numerical methods for conservation laws

I am interested in h-adaptive finite-volume methods (e.g. on quad-tree meshes) for conservation and balance laws. In particular I am interested in the error indicators, in methods for the spatial reconstructions that are efficient on non-uniform meshes, and in efficient (local) timestepping methods.

Numerical methods for the conservation of cultural heritage

I have developed some numerical methods for running simulations of marble sulfation using the model described in this paper, looking at both the discretization of the PDE and at the solution and preconditioning of the linear systems arising.

Modelling and numerical methods for ecology

I collabobrate with the Environmental Modelling Group of Prof. A. Di Guardo for the numerical approximation of models for the environmental fate of molecules.

Diffusive relaxation

A Family of Relaxation Schemes for Nonlinear Convection Diffusion Problems. CiCP (2009)

High-order relaxation schemes for non linear degenerate diffusion problems. SINUM (2007)

Modelling and numerical methods for biology and biochemistry 

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