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Teaching services

The Teaching and Services for Students Service area provides the following services:

  • Enrolment at the University, registration for courses, Batchelor's degrees, Master's Degrees both with and without admission tests
  • Management of students' time at university, information services, issuing of certificates and confirmation of all qualifications issued by the University.
  • Management of admission tests and TARM (minimum requirements test)
  • Design and implementation of student orientation services
  • Information points for orientation at enrolment
  • Information and assistance for students
  • Information about the job placement service
  • Management of curricular and extracurricular apprenticeships as well as job offer services
  • Management of relations with companies and other institutions
  • Design and implementation of the job placement service
  • Support for the management of the academic program
  • Support for courses, exams and degree ceremonies
  • Support for all teaching staff
  • Support for the design and implementation of on-line teaching material
  • Course design, establishment and activation
  • Management of the academic program within University procedures
  • Management of and support for the academic course council
  • Providing teaching and student support to departments
  • Providing support to schools and special teaching facilities
  • Management of teaching appointments
Teaching and Services for Students Office

Via Pietro Giuria, 15 - 10126 Torino

Overall ManagerLaura Pecchio 

Teaching services managerStefano Canavotto

Teaching and students services/ 

After approval from the board of directors, given on the 26th April 2016, the University of Turin completed, during the course of 2016, a reorganisation of its technical and administrative services.

The entire University has been reorganised into a series of centres; the new model has seen the creation of a single University administration and seven area centres (CLE Centre, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Centre, Natural Sciences Centre, Economy and Management Centre, Medicine Centre Orbassano and Candiolo, Medicine Centre Turin, Humanities Centre) as the organisational offices which will service the departments, schools, special educational organisations and research centres and which will function alongside the Main University administration centre.              

The new organisational structure came into effect on the 1st January 2017. Web site information will, as such, be gradually updated.

Staff can find further information on the reorganisation of the University intranet at the following link Ateneo e organizzazione >> Riorganizzazione di unito 2017 (password access required). 


Mario Galliano - Ilenia BALLONE

Department of Mathematics, first floor

Phone: 0116702801 / 2943 Fax: 0116702878  Email: 

Hours: Mon-Wed-Fri 10-12, Tue-Thu 13-15 

Appointments by email or phone.

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