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Logistic Services
The department logistical services team is made up of:

Rodolfo Refranco
(Palazzo Campana, via Carlo Alberto 10)

Cataldo D'Avanzo
(Palazzo Campana, via Carlo Alberto 10)

Manager: Daniela Brandino  

The Centre of Natural Sciences' Buildings and Logistics service web site on 

The services provided are as follows:

  1. The Help Desk:
    Inspections and small to medium maintenance operations;
    Coordination with the Director for large scale maintenance work;
  2. Maintenance of classroom and lecture hall furnishings;
  3. Reference point for maintenance work, acting as liaison with the Construction Management team for building maintenance and with the ICT service, Web and e-learning Management team for technical maintenance;
  4. Management of logistical services in accordance with the operational procedures and instructions of the Director;
  5. Support for the shared management of University classrooms and lecture halls;
  6. Reference point for external University contracts for cleaning services, special waste disposal, recycling, reception services, security and the relocation and porterage services;
  7. Reference point for building surveillance;
  8. Support for the management of events within the Centre's buildings according to each area's conditions of use;
  9. Management of storage spaces;
  10. Correspondence;
  11. Management of vehicles;
  12. Reference point for Mobility Management.

Write to and copy to, clearly and concisely describing the assistance required.

The Logistical Services team is made up of:

Local staff:

Rodolfo Refranco
Cataldo D'avanzo

Will either carry out the required assistance directly or provide support for you to receive assistance from the Building and Logistics Help Desk (Direzione Edilizia e Logistica "Edilog").

You are asked NOT to fill out the Help Desk forms on your own.

To purchase items of hardware and metal ware, please fill out the following form (in Italian), and send it to For specific items, please contact the authorised vendor (details below), and request a written quote that should then be attached to the above-mentioned form.

If the items to be purchased exceed €100 in value, the authorisation of the Department Director is required.

Staff will either carry out the purchase directly or through persons known to the authorised vendor. They will also deliver the invoices and the above-mentioned purchase forms to the Accountancy Service at the end of every month.

Purchase requests will not be carried out unless the above form is filled out.

Authorised vendor:
Carcano s.n.c. 
Via Reggio n.2 angolo Lungo Dora Firenze Torino 
Tel. (+39) 011 851302

Department staff can hand in postal correspondence, clearly marked as to whether it is to be sent by standard post, registered post or registered post with a return receipt, at the reception desk of their building.

Post will be collected by 11 am and post marked by staff the following day. If requested, staff can provide you with the tracking code so you can track delivery at the Italian Postal Service's website Poste italiane (in Italian, insert code where you can see "cerca spedizioni").

The cost of standard mail will be covered by Department, Teaching or Library funds.

For other postal services, or those for specific projects, please contact Postal Correspondence staff who will provide you with the necessary forms and indicate which funds will be used to cover costs.

Please write to:

Office supplies and paper for use in the Natural Science Centre's offices (Administration and Accounting, Research, Integration and Monitoring, Logistical Services, Teaching, Library and ICT) are in storage in the Via Giuria area and at Palazzo Campana.

To order office supplies and/or paper, please download this form (in Italian), fill it out and send it to:

Please provide the name and surname of the person making the request, the centre they work for, a contact telephone number and details of the supplies required. 

Requests will not be carried out unless these details are provided. 

How long will it take?
Staff will make contact within three working days.
A delivery slip will have to be signed upon receipt of the delivery.
View a list (in Italian) of stored supplies.

Please contact:
Sig. Pasquale Anobile

Cell. 338-6264989 

If you requite an Italian fiscal (tax) code, please contact:
Sig. Pasquale Anobile

Cell. 338-6264989 

This service will be performed as follows:

  1. the relative documentation will be picked up from applicant at their department/office on Wednesdays and Fridays (for applications received on Tuesdays and Thursdays, respectively);  
  2. the documentation will be delivered to the Italian Inland Revenue (Agenzia delle Entrate) in Corso Bolzano;
  3. the Inland Revenue will process the application (it generally takes three working days);
  4. the fiscal (tax) code will be delivered to the applicant the day after it is issued by the Inland Revenue.



After approval from the board of directors, given on the 26th April 2016, the University of Turin completed, during the course of 2016, a reorganisation of its technical and administrative services.

The entire University has been reorganised into a series of centres; the new model has seen the creation of a single University administration and seven area centres (CLE Centre, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Centre, Natural Sciences Centre, Economy and Management Centre, Medicine Centre Orbassano and Candiolo, Medicine Centre Turin, Humanities Centre) as the organisational offices which will service the departments, schools, special educational organisations and research centres and which will function alongside the Main University administration centre.              

The new organisational structure came into effect on the 1st January 2017. Web site information will, as such, be gradually updated.

Staff can find further information on the reorganisation of the University intranet at the following link Ateneo e organizzazione >> Riorganizzazione di unito 2017 (password access required). 

Updated 2016.12.31

For further information, please visit our website.

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