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Organization's Department

The organs of the Department of Mathematics "Giuseppe Peano", which is responsible for the organization and management of research and teaching activities, performance, contracts and agreements are:

  • the Department Council
  • the Director of the Department
  • the Department Board.

For the organization and management of assets, the organs of the Department take advantage of the work of Standing Committees or temporary instructors.
The organization of departmental support to the activities of the Department of Mathematics includes:

  • the administrative and accounting services
  • services to support teaching, student services and educational programming 
  • support services for research and internationalization
  • technical services and general
  • library services

The Department has also identified at the request of the 'Central Administration, three referees (spokes) to support activities to international research, acting as a link between the' administration and staff working in the Department.

Director of Department:

Prof. Marino Badiale

Research Deputy-Director 

Prof.ssa Cinzia Casagrande

Education Deputy-Director 

Prof. Gianluca Garello


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