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About the department

P9150435.JPGThe Department of Mathematics at the University of Turin was born in the academic year 1982/83 from the confluence of the older Institutes ‘Geometry and Algebra’, ‘Mathematical Analysis’, ‘Numerical Analysis and Graphics’, ‘Mathematical Logic’ and ‘Complementary Mathematics’. In 1997 the Institute of Mathematical Physics ‘J.L.Lagrange’ merged with the others. The new Department, named after Giuseppe Peano, was officially established by the Statute of the University (D.R.1730, 15 March 2012) enforced on April 14, 2012, the Academic Senate Resolution XI/2012/VII/1 (7 May 2012), the Board of Directors Resolution 5/2012/VII/1 (14 May 2012), and the Rector’s Decree 2804 (14 May 2012).

The Department is seated in Palazzo Campana (“Campana building”), an eighteenth-century edifice in Turin’s historical centre, where scholars in theoretical and applied mathematics work. The sober elegance of the building accommodates computer labs, lecture rooms, offices for staff and technical/administrative personnel, meeting rooms, the computing centre and a library on two floors.

The primary mission of the Department of Mathematics ‘Giuseppe Peano’ is to promote excellence in research and teaching in all areas of Mathematics: Mathematical Logic, Algebra, Geometry, Didactics and History of Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Mathematical Physics, Numerical Analysis.

The Department’s teaching undertaking is mainly aimed at providing mathematical literacy at all levels of education on offer at the University of Turin: Bachelor degree, Master’s degree, Doctorate and postgraduate Masters. To this end the Department cooperates with the School of Natural Sciences and its Departments. It also collaborates with other Schools of the University that provide Mathematics courses in their curricula.

The Department regularly hosts the ‘Mathematical Seminar of the University of Turin and the Polytechnic of Turin’, and publishes the official journal of the Mathematical Seminar, called   ‘Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico’.

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